Hi!  Welcome to
Integrous Fitness

Take a peek below to find out what we're about.

Integrous Fitness was born out of the idea that
learning how to move [with] your body
will get you fit and happy.

Learning how to move your body with integrity
will change your life.

Welcome to
Integrous Fitness.

It's not training, it's [a] movement.     

You want to get strong and fit (without any injuries)?  I can help you.
Hi!  I'm Emily.  
My passion is helping people create their strongest body and most resilient mind.  

I graduated with a degree in psychology and was on my way to grad school when I decided I wanted to explore ways other than talk therapy to help people reach their ultimate potential.  

A passion in fitness led to my first national certification in personal training.  I fell in love with the practice and found a home in the health and wellness space.  

I turned this love into a career and became a personal trainer, corrective exercise specialist, & yoga instructor.  Bringing it back to my psych roots, I recently added health and life coach to my repertoire.  

What does that mean for YOU?

During our work together you will : 

-- Build true and lasting strength (from the inside out) 

-- Decrease, get rid of, and prevent current / future aches and pains 

-- Move your body with integrity so you can do the things you want to do (in and out of the gym) 

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