Change is 100% possible.  Who you are at your core is whole, complete, and confident.


Change doesn't have to be hard.  It can feel continuous and layered, but it doesn't *have* to be hard.


You are the Universe in a single drop and have the power to recreate your thoughts, actions, and reality.

Hi!  I'm Emily.


I am a human, a creator, a perpetual question asker. A dog mom, a curious bee, and a relentless seeker of that which brings me joy, Truth, and expansion.

I have found that the journey towards healing and in expanding consciousness doesn't have to be challenging (even though the egoic mind would make it seem as such) and I bring this Truth to my work with clients and students.  

The idea that "nothing worth having comes easy" is an old paradigm centered around the belief that we must struggle in order to prove our worth.  But what if you could create space where that simply wasn't true?  

If you feel ready to embark on such a journey, I look forward to holding space for you to come back to YOU really.  

Your inherent confidence (free from anxiety), your inherent wholeness (from free fear of being incomplete or not worthy), and your inherent You-ness (the things and feelings that make you uniquely you but may have been asked to have been put away for some time in order to appear more palatable to the external world).  

Ready to find out just how good life can be?

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