Run a 5K, a half, or even a full marathon and not feel like
you need a TKR (total knee replacement) the next day?

Definitely doable.

Spend the afternoon playing on the floor with your grand-kids or participating (winning) in a full on game of hide-and-go-seek because you were able to stay crouched in the smallest nook and cranny of the house?

100% possible.

Build strength. Change your body. Do things you didn’t think possible.
But most importantly move better, feel better, be better.

You need a bigger allowance.

Imagine that your body is like a bank account.

You can fill it to the brim as much as you want BUT .. you’re also consistently drawing from it.

When it comes to movement, one of the biggest draws on your total allowance is doing things that your body does not have the capacity to execute. This unpreparedness shows up as injury, pain, stiffness/tightness, and most importantly, as not being able to accomplish or achieve your physical goals/activities.

Exercise is important but mobility comes first.

Mobility is specialized strength training for joints. Mobility is an endless bank account. When your body is fully prepared or potentially even MORE prepared than the activity you’re asking it to execute, you have the freedom to withdraw from the account in whatever size increments you need.

If you withdraw $100 from an account with a $1,000,000 balance you notice it a lot less than if you withdraw $100 from an account with a $1,000 balance.

As long you consistently replenish your account (do your mobility training / rest / recover appropriately) you can stave off injury / pain / discomfort for a significant amount of time (or at least GREATLY reduce the impact an injury could have at any given point).

Expect more than just training when you walk in the door.

During each session, we will work together to teach your body to move how it was made to move. We’ll make sure to close any gaps in movements that you might want to do but that your body doesn’t have the capacity for yet (this is where you will typically feel aches / pain / discomfort).

As your body starts to increase its understanding of how it was truly designed to move, you’ll become capable of just about any movement under the sun. Injury is never completely preventable but with the correct training it can be damn near 100% close.

More than just a workout, each session consists of body awareness integration, strength training, and mobility mastery.  



1:1 Private Personal Training / Mobility / Yoga: Perfect for those who want uniquely individual sessions and programming to meet them exactly where they're at in order to take them exactly where they want to go

Small Group Training / Mobility / Yoga Classes (2-5 participants) : Perfect for those who want the support of a small group environment while also receiving individualized attention and creatively designed programming

Online / Hybrid Training : Perfect for those who want some face-to-face time with a trainer but also want the flexibility of working out on their own



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