Touch Ups are shorter versions of Full Sessions (which are 60 minutes). Touch Ups are 40 minutes from start to finish. They :

  • are a great way to squeeze in an extra workout during a busy week

  • are an awesome way to make room for something you've been wanting to work on but can't seem to carve out the time to do so on your own at home (like breath work or flexibility / mobility) 

  • give you the opportunity to train more frequently throughout the week (for ex: 3 shorter sessions as opposed to 1 long session)


Purchased Alone :

5 pack : $300

10 pack : $550


Purchased w/ Full Sessions :

5 pack : $275

10 pack : $500

Things to note :

— 5 packs expire 5 months from date of purchase

— 10 packs expire 10 months from date of purchase

— Payment must be received before first session and can be in the form of cash, check, Venmo, or electronic transfer from bank to bank

— Rescheduling / late fee policies also apply to Touch Ups