I came to Emily for help rehabbing from a complex surgery to my foot and ankle. I am an experienced mover (yoga teacher, life long dancer) so I have a high bar when it comes to people helping me to heal my body. Emily has, from the start, met and exceeded my expectations. She is committed to really understanding what is going on in my body and to supporting me in what has been a very challenging rehab process. She has been both smart and creative in coming up with exercises and sequences that target what I need as my healing has evolved. Each week she is prepared with a new sequence that is carefully thought out and specific to what I need. During training she is a stickler for alignment details - which I love. For me, it is evidence of both her observational skills and her commitment to helping me to do my best and refine my own body awareness. Emily also brings a warmth and sincerity to her work that has helped me to persevere when I have been discouraged and ready to give up. I also have great respect for Emily's ongoing professional training. She seeks to learn and incorporate in her training the best approaches out there. — CC

Emily is absolutely the best personal trainer. She has a deep knowledge of the anatomy and knows how best to work with each client. She also wants her clients to be well-informed and understand why we do what we do in our sessions, so she is always explaining things as we go along. She is also always looking for ways to further her own knowledge base and has taken a number workshops during the time that I have known her. Finally, there is Emily's tremendous enthusiasm, sense of humor and personality. I honestly look forward to seeing Emily for each session. — LD

I consider you an expert at what you do and I appreciate your appetite for learning and staying ahead of the curve. I really trust your approach. — MD

I love working with Emily. She creates incredibly efficient workouts and I can see and feel the results quickly. She tailors the exercises to meet my specific needs and helps me strengthen muscles in target areas. She is very creative with varying up the routine and offering multiple exercises to work muscle groups. Her positive attitude and dedication make me feel fantastic after every workout. I would highly recommend her to anyone! — KL

I want to somehow thank you for all that you have done for me.  Our work together allowed me to do things that I never would have done on my own.  Not only have you made me physically stronger, but mentally as well.  Thank you for everything. — NN  

I love working with Emily. She has taught me SO much about moving your body in the right way. Emily is always giving me new exercises that are challenging and different than anything I have ever tried. I am an injury-prone person and since training with her for a year, I am so happy to say that I barely ever feel any pain! And if I do, she always has a solution. I also really enjoy my sessions because of our great conversation. I know she does some coaching work and while I see her specifically for training, we talk about everything. Emily has definitely helped me to create more balance in my life. Couldn't recommend her enough! — AR

I am so happy, I feel stronger, more powerful, and safer. — JN

It sounds cliche, but it's so true - meeting and working with Emily has changed my life! Emily is not only an amazing trainer - I'm in the best physical shape I've ever been in - but she is also a health coach who led me through a "reset cleanse" that wonderfully snowballed into a revamped diet, losing 20 pounds, having more energy and better moods, and feeling 10 years younger! — CK

 Before working with Emily I was my own worst obstacle because I was so used to sabotaging myself.  Now I'm living in a new mindset where my old ways of being OK no longer have a hold on me.  Our work together allowed me to finally be able to let go of being a perfectionist.  I'm much more consistent at going to the gym and striving for BALANCE in my life. I also have so much more faith in my abilities and skills and I am constantly motivated to discover what my mind and body can do and be. — FR

I feel stronger and more flexible than I have for decades. Emily's rich knowledge and intuition exceeds all expectations. I am deeply appreciative and dedicated. It has changed my health trajectory. — MG

Emily is incredibly intuitive about bodies and their unique needs. And her patience and kindness make her wonderful to work with. — AL

Working with Emily has truly transformed how I feel about movement and fitness. Yes, it’s made me stronger - but even more important, it’s made me much more intentional about how I move and aware of my body. I find our sessions exhilarating and only wish I could figure out how to recapture that “magic” at home. — RB