Please make note of the following policies / FAQs so that
you & your trainer can make the most of your time together.  


  • 24 Hour Cancellation Policy : there is a 24 hour cancellation policy.  If your appointment is at 12p on a Tuesday, please notify your trainer by 12p on Monday (or anytime before that) that you will not make your appointment.  Anything within the 24 hours is considered a no-show / late cancel and you forfeit the entirety of that session. Emergencies are the only exception

  • Late Arrival : trainer will wait up to 15 minutes for each individual session.  Should you arrive later than 15 min, trainer reserves the right to forfeit the entirety of that session.  If s/he chooses to hold the session, it will not extend past the original end time

  • Upfront Payment : payment must be made in full prior to the start of each session.  Please feel free to request a tally of your sessions at any time so proper tracking / timing can be made

  • Expiration Dates : 5 packs expire 5 months after date of purchase, 10 packs expire 10 months after date of purchase.  Please plan accordingly when purchasing your packages

    Snow Days : all sessions will be held unless there is a state declared snow emergency.  Please stay in communication with your trainer if you are unable to make your session so that other arrangements (online workouts and/or rescheduling) can be handled in a timely manner

  • Consecutive Late Cancels : after two consecutive late cancels, trainer reserves the right to cancel remaining sessions. If more than 50% of sessions remain, the remaining 50% of sessions will be refunded


  • Full refunds on any unused, remaining sessions will be given within the first 14 days of purchase

  • After 14 days, packages expire :

    • 5 months from date of purchase for a 5 pack

    • 10 months from date of purchase for a 10 pack

FAQs :

Q : What should I wear or bring?  A : Please wear comfortable clothes that you can move in and that you don’t mind sweating in.  Please bring water or a vessel which you can fill with water.

Q : What should I do if I’m sore after a workout?  A : Drink water, roll, stretch, engage in gentle movement, and rest (in that order).

Q : How often should I train?  A : This will be slightly different for everyone and we can discuss your specifics but in general, two days a week is a great place to start.

Q : What happens if I need to reschedule?  A : Any rescheduling outside of the 24 hr window will be reasonably accommodated within the trainer’s availability.  Any rescheduling within the 24 hr window is considered a no-show / late cancel.

Q : What happens if I get sick / or am late?  A : Please see the Policies & Procedures above

Q : Can I bring a friend?  A : Absolutely!  Please let your trainer know that you will do so prior to the actual session, but in general, the more the merrier!

Q : What about the days I don’t see my trainer?  A : Ask about our online / hybrid style workouts - designed so you can keep up your training schedule without having to schedule additional in-person sessions!