Noleen Sliney

Noleen S.

Before working with Emily, I was feeling a real lack of confidence and self worth. I didn't believe that I could ever get out of the situation I was in. Now I feel so motivated and uplifted after working together. I would tell anyone who's feeling a lack of self confidence or self worth to talk to you. I was surprised that a change in thinking can make such a huge difference and help me to see results in a short space of time. Hearing some of your story showed me that it is possible to get over this and you are a real life example of the results your work brings. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone.


I am a small business owner and had been preparing for an important upcoming meeting. Before working with Emily I felt aggravated, scattered, and emotional; all things that could prove problematic in a professional setting.

While I know and use my own techniques for preparing for these kinds of situations, I was having a difficult time getting mentally setup for the meeting. There were so many items that I wanted to talk about but was still feeling lost. 

I’ll be honest and share that I’ve never used a coach before.  I was unsure of what to expect, but to say that I am pleased would be an understatement.  Needless to say, after my time with Emily, I nailed the meeting that I had been planning for.  

I was floored. I was excited. I was SO PROUD of myself.... It felt amazing. It felt like Ownership.

My confidence and my assertive yet professional demeanor during that meeting, can and should be 100% attributed to my time with Emily. I couldn't be more grateful to her for helping bring clarity to my work-life, as well as a new sense of self to all other areas -- both personal and professional.

Ngoc Ngo

Ngoc N.

I want to somehow thank you for all that you have done for me.  Our work together allowed me to realize and see things that I never would have acknowledged on my own.  

I got the promotion that I was dying to get only to realize it was all for nothing because I was doing it for someone else and not myself.  

Our work showed me how to honor my true desires and reach for more.  I am now a private celebrity chef and could not be happier.  

Not only have you made me physically stronger, but mentally as well.  Thank you for everything.  


My experience with Emily was very positive.  In the past when I had worked with other professionals, I either felt like people dismissed my struggle or gave me suggestions that were not truly helpful.  Emily did not dismiss my problems and I felt she genuinely cared about what I was going through.  We were able to discuss the root of the issue, not just the symptoms and she helped me to identify the reason I struggle is because I don’t feel important enough.  This thought pattern has existed for so many years, it was the new normal for me, and I couldn’t see any other way.  During our time together, Emily helped me see an alternative outlook. Together we explored other ways for me to make progress and her guidance and compassion has helped me move forward.  I am now committed to making feeding myself a priority everyday.


Audrey S.

Emily has helped me make life changing mindset shifts that gave me the clarity I need to move forward in my life in a BIG way. She took me from feeling stuck, to clear, energized, and purposeful. Because of Emily, I’m taking my business full time, and have identified the ways I sabotage myself to make sure I can continue my momentum for years to come. If you’re on the fence about working with Emily, DO IT! She has created transformation in just a couple of months that would have taken me years on my own.


During our time together I got the feeling that she definitely understood me.  I felt so comfortable working with her and realized that there were many times that I had been setting up excuses for not prioritizing myself.  

I would definitely recommend Emily.  Not only did I enjoy our time together and it’s very pleasant to speak with her, but I also gained understanding in what was holding me back from having the right attitude.  I now feel way more in control of my choices and myself.  

Franchesca Retford

Franchesca R.

Before working with Emily I was my own worst obstacle because I was so used to sabotaging myself.  Now I'm living in a new mindset where my old ways of being OK (aka others’ rules of being enough) no longer have a hold on me.  Our work together allowed me to see my own path, journey, and truth.  I was finally able to let go of being a perfectionist.  I'm much more consistent at going to the gym and striving for balance in my life and I don't beat myself up as badly if I miss a day. I also have faith in my abilities and after seeing your incredible will and skills, it motivated me to strive to discover what my mind and body can do and be.