Frequently Asked Questions :


Q:What should I wear / bring?

A : Please wear comfortable clothes that you can move in and that you don’t mind sweating in. Please bring water or a vessel which you can fill with water.

Q:How often should I come?

A : This will be slightly different for everyone (and we can discuss your specifics) but in general, two days a week is a great place to start.

Q : Can I bring a friend?

A : Absolutely! Please let your trainer know that you will do so prior to the actual session, but in general, the more the merrier!

Q : What about the days I don’t have a session?

A : Ask about our online / hybrid style workouts - designed so you can keep up your training schedule without having to schedule additional in-person sessions!

Q : what is mobility training?

A : Mobility training is joint specific strength training.

Q : what are the benefits of mobility training?

A : Mobility training increases articular strength, neurological control, and tissue load bearing capacity. This is a fancy way of saying it makes your joints strong and healthy so that you significantly decrease your risk for injury and are able to do the things/activities you love to do as frequently as you love to do them without pain or fear of hurting yourself.

Q : What should I do if I’m sore after a session?  

A : Drink water, do your CARs, roll, stretch, engage in gentle movement, and rest (in that order).

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