Why is Self-Care Considered a Luxury?

I was reading a post the other day on self-care and a thought popped into my mind that went something like this : 

“We’re still treating self-care as if it’s a luxury .. as if it’s something that only certain people ‘get’ to do.”

In my own work I often find myself asking, what’s your favorite kind of self-care or what do you love to do for self-care … which are totally fine questions to ask .. but I feel as if they are still tainted with this belief that self-care is something that only certain people ‘get’ to do.  

But what if self-care was something that *everyone* did as regularly as going out to dinner? And with the same enthusiasm that we often relay when we ask “Oh how was dinner the other night?  I’ve heard their butternut squash ravioli is to die for?!” … without a hint of “you would go out to dinner wouldn’t you” because maybe it’s just me but I still hear the tiniest slivers of “must be nice” when we reference massage, down time with our families, or any other general slowing down (self-care) of the sorts.  

The thought also occurred to me that maybe the whole entire thought process that I was having was reflective that I still feel that way (which might entirely be true .. and is something I work on daily) but I also feel that it exists in the wider population as well.  

So my question then becomes what will it take for self-care to not be considered a luxury but instead a necessity.  That we (as a people) might approach it with the same beliefs that we approach food and water, that we need it and that it’s necessary for our survival?