Who Do You Need to Become?

Who Do You Need to Become?

Sometimes (not a lot, but still sometimes) I think about my old life.  

More importantly, I think about who I was in my old life.  I was scared.  I was anxious.  I spent a lot of time worrying about the things that could go wrong (and barely any time dreaming about what could go right).  

The old me could not have done the things I don’t think twice about doing today.  

She would not have created a life around her passion (she would have been too afraid to get paid for something she LOVES to do).  

She would not have left the comforts of her hometown to travel straight across the country and start a new life in a new state (she would have doubted whether she’d be able to make it in a new city).  

And she most definitely would not have had the gumption to get back up (again and again and again) when things didn’t work out exactly as she had planned (that first blow would have knocked her down for good).    

Except she would have because she did.  

She BECAME the woman who had the confidence to move across the country and start a whole new life.  She became the woman who had the passion to create a business around something that lit her up from the inside and help other people do the same.  And she became the woman who wouldn’t take no for an answer and stood up time and time again when all the voices in her head were telling her it was OK if she just went back to what she was doing before.  

She may have been shaking in her boots through most of the journey, but she still did it.

And so this is my message to you today.  You can do it too.  

You can do whatever it is that you want.  

You can do the thing that has been bouncing around in the back of your head for what feels like eons (even if it’s only been a week or two).  

You can do the thing that you swore you wouldn’t do.  

You can do the thing that will make your family look at you like you have three heads.  


Because there’s a reason you’re even thinking about doing that thing.  There’s a reason you can’t stop thinking about it.  And more importantly, there’s a reason you feel restless, anxious, and bored when you think about where you’ll be next year if you keep living the life that you’re living right now.

And if you doubt (even for a second) that you do not, I want you to think about the qualities of the woman who is doing the thing that you want to do.  What does she already embody without even thinking about it?  

Confidence?  Resilience?  Courage?  Determination?  

Now think about times when you’ve displayed those exact qualities in the past (even if it was for the smallest thing, like going alone to an event you’d never been to before).  If you can’t think of times in the past when you’ve displayed those qualities, imagine what it feels like to feel those feelings.  Really embody them as much as you possibly can.  

Now when you think about doing the thing you’ve been thinking about doing, keep the memory of those feelings at the forefront of your mind.  Use them as a constant reminder that you already have the exact things inside of you that you need to do the thing you want to do.  Even if you’re only imagining the way they would feel, the mere fact that you can imagine them is proof that they’re possible for you.  

Marinate on that.  Meditate on it if you feel called to do so.  Journal.  Tell a friend. Tell your dog.  Hell, tell a stranger in the grocery store.  Do whatever it is you have to do to get it imprinted on your brain and in your body that you can do this thing.  

So if you feel scared, anxious, maybe even worried about if you’ll be able to do it or not, know that there’s nothing to fear because you already have everything inside of you that you need so you can become the woman who does whatever you’re yearning to do.   

If this kind of stuff excites you, I’d love to hear from you.  I’m opening up a couple of spots in my 1:1 coaching program, From Should to Shine and I’d love to see you there.  Click the link below to find out more: http://bit.ly/fromshouldtoshine.  

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