What Happens When You Don't Throw Away Your Receipts

What Happens When You Don't Throw Away Your Receipts

There’s something to be said for processing your shit.  

Imagine if you kept every receipt that you were ever handed back after making a purchase?  

You’d probably be eyeball deep in receipts by now.  

That’s what it’s like if you’re not processing your shit.  You’re gonna be eyeball deep in emotions that you don’t know what to do with or how to handle and so you’re likely going to do things and make choices that you don’t always agree with even though you fully intended to do something else.  

You see we’re constantly being bombarded by stuff: people, experiences, memories, new people, new experiences, new memories and despite what people may think, this stuff has an effect on us.  (I talk about this exact thing in this week's Facebook LIVE.  Click HERE to watch) 

Over time it builds up.  And it sits, and it ages, and it stews together.  And because our ego is constantly trying to protect us and because one of the ways it does this is by proving ourselves “right” all the time, we assign certain meaning to things (people, experiences, memories) based on old beliefs, perspectives, and experiences which may or may not be in alignment with what actually happened.  But the meaning sticks because we don’t know what else to do with it and we don’t want to be wrong, so we assign it .. and then go with it.

Until it causes us so much grief that we can’t go any further.  Because we feel like we’re about to unravel.

Think for instance how we assign meaning to the 26 letters of the English alphabet.  Before they’re words, they’re just letters .. but we mush them together and create words.  And depending upon how they’re mushed together, they form different words which have wildly different meanings.  Take the following for example :

T H I S   &   S H I T

D E S S E R T S   &   S T R E S S E D

M A T   &   A T M

N U T S   &   S T U N

S M I L E   &   L I M E S

All five of the words on the left hand side have exactly the same letters as all five of those words on the right hand side .. but because of the order of the letters, they have wildly different meanings.  

Processing emotions is exactly the same way.  An event happens and then we give it a meaning (based on our own beliefs, perceptions, and previous experiences).  That meaning then determines how we take an action (or don’t take action) or more importantly, how we FEEL after said event occurs.  The event was the same either way, but it is our perception of that event and the value (meaning) we assign to it that determines everything that happens afterwards.  

So what do you do about it?  

Work with me.  This has been my area of expertise long before I even knew it was my area of expertise.  Want to find out if it’s a good fit?  Sign up here: http://www.emilysocha.com/totaltransformation/

There are of course other ways to process your emotions.  Some of my favorites are journaling, meditating, doing something active, and tapping (EFT) but to be completely honest nothing compares to the insight, direction, and guidance of a trained professional.  

It is really challenging for us to see our own blind spots and even for our friends and loved ones to see our blind spots (for the very reason that they’re so close), but a neutral outside party has the ability (and willingness) to see the spots and areas that you’re missing.  

To claim your spot today, click here : http://www.emilysocha.com/totaltransformation/.  I can’t wait to talk with you.  

***Click HERE to watch all of the above go down on Facebook LIVE.  

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