What Not Exercising Does For You ..

I’m declaring this week a NO EXERCISE WEEK.  

Don’t get it twisted though .. this in no way means a no MOVEMENT week -- just a no exercise week.  

I’ve been having a lot of conversations with some lovely ladies recently and a theme I keep hearing over and over again is that they hate exercise or they dread it or they don’t look forward to it at all but they force themselves to do it because they think they should. 

So I’m here to declare this as an official NO EXERCISE WEEK.  For this entire week I want you to take that word out of your vocabulary and only focus on what MOVEMENT FEELS really good for your body.  Because the thing is, it’s not that exercise is bad for us (it’s actually really good) it’s just when we force ourselves to do something that doesn’t align with us (in whatever way, shape, or form) and then we feel out of sync even though we did the “thing” but it still doesn’t feel good or right or whatever we were searching for .. and so we begin to dread or even hate it .. which causes us more stress than just not doing the “thing” would have caused in the first place.    

I know this because I’ve been in that space where I couldn’t imagine not killing myself in the gym (because that’s what it meant to be truly healthy right? - Wrong!) .. so these are some of the things that have felt really good since I’ve moved out of that space and into the world of just moving my body because it feels good, or because my hips were tight and I needed to shift around a bit, or because I’d been sitting all morning and needed to clear my space (physical and emotional). 

-- A long (or short) walk (preferably somewhere close to greenery - the more green, the better ;) ) 
-- 20 minutes of yoga on my mat at home (yes, I set a timer so I don’t feel “forced” to do any more) 
-- 7 minutes of rolling around on my mat at home (no timer for this one, just went with it until my hips weren’t screaming at me anymore) 
-- Taking my dog to a park and chasing her around (she doesn’t actually fetch so I spend more time walking to get the ball but it’s OK because I love seeing the look on her face when I throw it) 
-- Stretching in my house with whatever I can use as a prop (my foot up on the couch trying to touch my toes, my hand against the wall to open my chest, my fingers on the countertop in a down dog type shape to stretch my shoulders) 
-- Using the weights that I have at home to do a “quickie” - lifting and pulling until I feel a burn because sometimes that’s what I crave - and then putting them down and getting back to other things because that’s just what I needed at the moment 

I’m curious to hear what some of your NO EXERCISE movements will be or are?  How do you love to move your body?