What a Netflix Binge Has To Do With Motivation

What a Netflix Binge Has To Do With Motivation

The other evening I was lying on the couch.  It was chilly so I had cocooned myself under a blanket and was wrapped completely from toes to shoulders.  A Netflix marathon was in full swing and life was good.  

After the last episode finished, I just laid there.  I was soo comfortable.  Actually, I was more than comfortable.  I was 100% cocooned.  My body was at the perfect temperature, my feet were propped up just right on a cushion at the bottom of the couch, and I had somehow wedged my head at the perfect angle so I was able to use the armrest as an oversized pillow. Comfortable would have been an understatement.  

I knew I needed to get up though.  There had been garlic in dinner and while tasty, I was beginning to smell it in the air (or maybe it was coming from me).  Either way,  I needed to brush my teeth.  The dog still needed her last walk and was starting her whole, I’ll just bore holes in the back of your head thing until you get up to take me out shtick.  And then there were the dishes that still needed washing.  If I didn’t do them now, they weren’t ever going to get done.  

But I was so comfortable.

But I knew I needed to get up.  

I laid there for another three minutes internally debating with myself.  

Should I just throw on another episode and shut down the whole argument?  (Maybe you can relate to this inner turmoil?)

With a heavy throw of my legs though, I eventually swung my feet off the couch and sat upright.  I paused for a minute, recognizing the fact that I could just as easily lie back down as I could stand up.  

The internal debate raged on.  

Driving my weight through my heels, I flattened my feet and stood up.  

As I started to move around, I began to warm up so much so that I eventually dropped the cocooning blanket I had dragged with me.  By the time I had brushed my teeth and done the dishes, I was more than ready to head into the chilly night with the pup.  And by the time I got back from the walk, I was so warm that I was taking off the extra layers I had piled on.  

On the verge of almost sweating from the walk, I thought about lying on the couch just a few short moments ago.  I had been so warm and comfortable underneath the blanket that I hadn’t even thought of doing anything to generate my own heat.  If I had stayed there though, the temperature would’ve continue to drop and I would’ve been frozen by the middle of the night.  

And so it got me thinking that maybe life is somewhat like the same.

Will we not all be tempted to stay in the cocoons of comfort until something forces us to generate our own heat?  Is it not easier there?  Safer there?  And *sometimes* more fun there? So why wouldn’t we stay?  

Well, for the first ⅔ of my life, that’s exactly what I did.  I made sure I put myself in situations where I was always really comfortable (aka never had to put myself out there) and didn’t have to do a lot of the effort myself to make sure I stayed that way (aka think for myself in any way). In fact, I made sure I was able to be in as many “cocoons” as I possibly could.  And not because I was lazy.  In fact, I was always one of the hardest workers in the room.  

But because I was scared.  I was scared of what it would look like for me if I generated my own heat.  If I put myself in a position where I had to constantly and consistently produce, create, and promote.  If I put myself in situations and did things where I had to create my own fire.

The truth is, I always let the fear win so I chose never to put myself in those situations.  In fact, I kept myself as cocooned as I possibly could.  

Until one day I got so restless and so tired, and so BORED of giving other people the reigns to my life, that I threw my feet off the couch, I drove through my heels, and I got up.  And started moving.  Simple things at first; I brushed my teeth, I did the dishes .. I walked the dog.  

I kept moving until I was warm enough to take off any extra layers I may have piled on.  I kept moving until I had built up enough heat and started my own fire.   

And now I’m here.  Writing to you.  Creating my own magic.  Making my dreams come to fruition.   

And so that’s why we wouldn’t stay in our cocoons of comfort.  Because while it might be easier and safer, it’s not more interesting.  Or exciting.  Or engaging.  Or passionate .. or purposeful. And it’s definitely not more exhilarating .. or soulful .. or fulfilling.  And it’s most definitely not more gratifying.

So the next time you feel the gentle tentacles and the cozy comfort of staying where you’re at and of not holding space for all the magic that could happen when you let your feet touch the floor, please remember that you might have to generate your own heat to get going, but once you build your own fire, you’re the only one who can ever put it out.

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