What a Seat Belt Has to Do With Letting Go

Ya know when you pull your seat belt out too hard and it gets jammed?  And then you have to let it back in to where it came from before you can pull it back out again?

The other day it occurred to me that planning and wishing for goals is exactly like that.  (I talk about it in a Livestream HERE).  

See recently I had set something up for myself in my mind .. and was working towards it and taking action to make it happen.  On the regular.  Like everyday.    

But nothing was happening.  

I tried staying positive.  I tried tweaking and then taking more action.  I tried all my usuals, telling myself everything was right on time, visualizing the end result .. all of it.  

But nothing was working .. and nothing was happening.  

I was getting frustrated.  Beginning to feel like a failure (I was for sure catastrophizing but stick with me for a moment).  

I was feeling particularly stuck when I was listening to a livestream by one of my mentors.  In it she was talking about manifesting and she mentioned something about letting go of your final vision.  It was in that moment that it clicked.  I was holding on too hard.  I was still trying to pull the seat belt out even though it was stuck and clearly not going anywhere.  

I felt *almost* instant relief.  

But the work wasn’t completely done yet.

I still needed to find a way to let the seat belt retract a little, so that I could pull it out and actually plug it in.  

Just as a side note, I think it’s important to mention that there was a time when I couldn’t even set goals for myself.  Why?  Because I was terrified.  I was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to achieve anything and also simultaneously terrified that if I didn’t achieve anything that I wouldn’t be able to handle the downfall, so to say.  And now even though I am most certainly not afraid to set goals I realize that holding on to the final outcome so much is really just the opposite side of the same coin from when I couldn’t even bring myself to set a single goal.  I talk more about this in this week’s LIVE on Facebook (check it out HERE).  

So back to letting go .. I knew this was my key to making progress.  

But what exactly did I do?  

Meditate.  I worked on my exhales and imagined feeling relief with every single breath I took.  

And then I included this mantra with my meditation :

I release my attachment to the outcome
I release my attachment to the outcome
I release my attachment to the outcome

In the moment I felt a wave of relief rush over my body.  It was magical really.  

But ya wanna know what the kicker was?  

The next day .. the next day!  Two new completely unexpected opportunities literally landed in my lap.  Completely unexpected and unrelated to all the action-taking I had been trying to push (force) before.  They literally walked through the door and presented themselves to me.  


So what’s the moral of the story?  

Let go.  Or as that infomercial used to say “set it and forget it”.  


Because there’s nothing wrong with setting goals.  In fact, setting goals is awesome and necessary and can increase your confidence and build strength and all of that.  Just make sure that you’re not SO attached to the outcome that you end up resisting it .. or pulling so hard on the seat belt that it won’t actually come out and serve its function.  


Questions/thoughts?  I’d love to hear ‘em :