Let's Talk About Stress Baby

Let's Talk About Stress Baby

Alright ya’ll so this week I’m switching things up a bit - helllooo video (as a side note - there are multiple videos linked throughout this post - keep an eye out for them)!  

As I mentioned in a Facebook LIVE vid I did last week, I have enrolled in a certification program that is bringing me back full circle to my roots of personal training and yoga so that I can meld the two worlds of physical training and mental/emotional training together.  When I graduate I’ll be dually certified as both a health coach and a life coach.

Woo-hoo, I am SO excited!   

I am super pumped about this material and have been making vids to share bits of my journey and talk about everything that I’m learning along the way.  

The last three videos that I’ve done have been all about STRESS.  What it is, the different ways we experience it, and most importantly, what to do about it.  (If you missed any of those videos, click on the highlighted words to check ‘em out).  

Yesterday I went LIVE and talked about another way to deal with or handle stress (it’s always helpful to have a toolkit of ideas to be able to draw on).  

It’s a simple technique grounded in the belief that everything is happening FOR us, instead of TO us.  

Taking that statement as true, the question then becomes, can stress also be one of those things (that is happening FOR us) and can we then relabel it as our friend and ally, alerting us when something is off and needs attention and/or action?  

Thinking about stress and stressful feelings in this way can be helpful because it allows some of the pressure to be relieved from an already stressful situation (have you ever found yourself feeling stressed about your stress?!) and can send us in a new, more helpful, meaningful, and constructive direction.  

In the video I ask you to give this a try.  The next time you feel stressed or frazzled, overwhelmed or irritated, instead of giving in to those feelings, try relabeling them.  Try acknowledging that those feelings you’re experiencing are actually there for your benefit and are alerting you to deal with the situation in a different way than you possibly would have if you hadn’t labeled stress as your friend.

What happens when you do this?  

It shifts the experience of the experience.  

As in it gives room to the potential that what initially irritated, annoyed, or caused you to feel overwhelmed might actually have a deeper layer, meaning, or message.  And when you stop to find or look for that message, you not only slow down (which helps release some of the stress of the stress), you also train yourself to find the silver lining which helps to neutralize a seemingly negative situation.

Want to give it a try?  I’d love to help you walk through what this would look like for YOU.  Hit me up at emily@emilysocha.com.  

P.S.  You can also click the vid below to view this week's episode:

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