I Have 4+ Certs and "Technically" Don't Use Any of Them

I had a document stored on my computer called “What Else”.  

I started it when I realized I was staying in California (I’m from Boston, MA).  

Originally I had landed there as a long layover of sorts.  The plan was to jet down, see my sis (who had just flown in) and then be back on my way to essentially wherever I could get placed with my newly minted English teaching cert.  The thought of living in a new country every year for the foreseeable future was calling my name and I couldn’t wait to get settled in my first location.  

But as life unfolded I realized I was going to be staying in California (which I actually wasn’t too upset about) and so I was once again faced with what to actually “do with my life” (that whole moving to another country thing was freeing in so many ways).  Ever since I had graduated with my psych degree it felt like I had been trying to put together a puzzle that was missing three pieces.    

I knew I could NEVER go back to a 9-5, not unless I was planning on selling my soul to the devil.  I knew I couldn't go back to my old life (I was such a different person and had shed so many skins by that point) but I seriously had NO IDEA what else I could possibly do that would make me enough money that I could comfortably live on.

I started brainstorming and brainstorming in the biggest way possible.  I literally wrote down everything I could possibly think of.  Dog walker, teacher’s aide, and nail salon manager were just a few of the entries (though don’t ask me about that last one as I have no experience managing a salon and barely ever get my nails done but it was a say whatever comes to mind kind of list ya know?).  

Needless to say none of those panned out (though I still think being a dog walker would be so much fun).  And that’s ok.  

I eventually found what I needed to do.  And that was become a personal trainer, and then also a yoga instructor.  And then also a massage therapist.  I needed all of those things because they provided me with the skills, the knowledge, the expertise, and most importantly the experience that I ultimately needed to do what I truly love, which is coach.

So here is my message for you today.  If you feel stuck, or off-track, or like you should have it all figured out by now but don’t, keep searching.  Keep looking.  Keep doing the things that you feel called to do when you feel called to do them.  Keep doing the things that don’t have anything to do with your degree and aren’t remotely related to what you thought you wanted to study.  And keep doing the things that everyone thinks you’re crazy for or thinks that you’re just searching for something (because you are and that's OK).  Keep doing those things so that they can be the things that will eventually lead you to the thing that makes you sing from your soul and wake up so excited to start the day that you feel like a child opening all her birthday presents all at once.  

It might take three weeks, it might take months or more, but I promise you when you get there it’ll all be worth it.  Stay in your lane and don’t allow the judgments of others to sway you in any way.  You’ll get there eventually and when you do, you won’t regret a single piece of the puzzle.

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