Information Does Not Equal Transformation

Information does not equal transformation.  

Lemme say that again, information does not equal transformation.  

I didn’t want this to be true for SO many years.  I thought that if I just learned a little bit more, researched something extra, or found a new source that I’d be finally be able to do/have/be “it” (whatever I was attempting to get after).  

My first experience with this was when I entered the workforce immediately after college.  I found myself struggling (for many reasons) but mostly because I couldn’t believe how hard it was!  I had just killed myself through four years of intense learning and information gathering .. this should be the easy part!  I was wrong.  Information (even four years of it) does not equal transformation, ease, or action.  

The second time (and most relevant) way I experienced this was through my own journey of self-development (and now as I watch others go through theirs).  I thought that if I just learned something new, worked with a different therapist or coach or was given better information (than I previously had) I would somehow spontaneously self-combust into the enlightened individual I so desperately wanted to be.  

Now while I don’t claim to be fully enlightened right now (whatever that truly means anyways) I know I am SO much further along my path than was I was before … because of that sentence above.  I finally got off the train of believing that if I just got a little (or a lot) more information, I would see my transformation.  Instead I got on the train of realizing I had to do the work, in the moment, when it’s happening, when it feels murky and uncomfortable, and new .. that’s when I had to put in the effort and apply all the information I had acquired over my years. 

So if you’re feeling like you might be in that spot .. of needing more information .. please know that you don’t.  And while there’s nothing wrong with continuing to learn (I will never stop reading and being open to new sources of info) .. if you’re waiting for that transformation to just happen .. it probably won’t.  But when you get real with yourself, come home to yourself, and allow the support needed for the transformation to happen in the moments when you would’ve done or reacted an old way .. then you’ll start to see the edges start to crumble and the blocks move away.