How to Set Goals in 2017

How to Set Goals in 2017

Goals are a funny thing.  Most people have them.  Lots of people are working towards them. But very few actually achieve what they set out in their mind’s eye to do.  

Think about the last goal you set.  

Maybe it was to make more money or lose weight.  Maybe it was to mend a bad relationship with your sister or be more present throughout your day.  

How did you decide on that goal?  Did it happen in a moment of disgust after a few too many double stuffed Oreos or maybe when you went to call your sister only to realize you couldn’t pick up the phone because you guys weren’t speaking?  

See my thought is the way in which we set these goals is just as (if not more) important than the goal we’re actually setting. Too many times we act out of desperation and not true desire. Too many times we act out of the belief that we should be doing one thing when really we know in our heart of hearts, that just won’t work in the long run.  

Or on the complete opposite end of the spectrum we don’t set any goals at all because we’re filled with fear, we don’t actually think we’ll achieve them, or we’re so busy surviving our life that we have a hard time imagining actually living it (this was where I spent the vast majority of my life in case you were wondering).  

So what would it mean for you to set goals based on your true desires?  And then, what if you could actually reach these goals?  And do it all in a way that felt really good to you? 

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like the best kind of goal planning there is.  

So let’s dive right in.  Grab your favorite notebook, cup of tea, and favorite pen and let’s go! 

***As a side note, it’s important to remember that for all of these answers, go with the first thing that comes to mind.  It is not necessary and actually will probably produce better results if you write down the first things that come to mind for you.***  

  • What is most important to you? (remember don’t think about this one too much, just write something down)
  • What is the one thing that is a non-negotiable for your life?  What is the second runner up? 
  • Imagine you’re your very best friend for a moment.  (You can even talk like her or him in your head if it helps!) Describe you to yourself (from her eyes).  What does she say about you? 
  • Do you agree with her description?  Which of those qualities do you want to emphasize?
  • Now, how do you describe yourself?  Do you agree with all of these qualities?  
  • When have you felt at the top of your game (the most confident, successful, happy, secure, and filled with hope)?

Ok, now looking back over those answers,
what kind of goals do you want to set for yourself?
What do you feel most called to achieve in this next year?  

***If a year seems too long, it can be helpful to break the year up into chunks.  So that means instead of looking at all of 2017 as a whole, just look at the next three months.*** 

What do you want to be or accomplish
by the end of March 2017?  

And then the end of June 2017 and so on?  Things are more achievable to the human mind when they’re broken down into smaller chunks as opposed to just looking at the year as a whole so practice splitting your time into shorter intervals. 

Write these things down.  Review them.  

How do you feel about the goals you’ve written down?

Do these goals represent you moving towards the things, people, and situations which will help you achieve your best life possible?   

Do they feel really good and maybe slightly scary?  


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