How Long Does it Take to Eat?

Do you know how long it takes for you to eat a meal?  Five minutes?  15?  35?  

Take a wild guess and then try this :   

The next time you sit down to eat (and if you’re not sitting to eat, that’s your first indicator that’s it’s not taking you LONG enough to eat!) set the stopwatch feature on your phone or computer and just let it run as you eat a normal meal.  Don’t do anything differently, just eat as you normally would.  When you’re done, record your time. 

Did you know it takes a bit of time (approximately 20 minutes) for our brains to connect to our stomachs and vice versa?  

When we eat on the go .. or standing up .. or without putting our fork/spoon/food down in between each bite our digestion is GREATLY disrupted and can lead to food intolerance (due to lack of digestion), gas, bloating, indigestion, heartburn, and a general feeling of being unsatisfied after eating.    

So I’m curious .. how long does it take you to eat?  Leave your time in the comments and I’ll tell you mine the first time I tried this too!