How Getting Warm in the Winter is Like Creating Your Own Confidence

It's been pretty cold here in New England these past few weeks.  In fact, most days have been single digits or even below.  Chilly would be an understatement and it takes a bit of physical wrapping and bundling to head out into the cold.  

One morning after I had basically cocooned myself with winter gear, I headed out for a winter walk with the pup.  Five minutes in I was still pretty chilly but by minute fifteen I had begun to warm up and by minute thirty, I was lightly sweating.  

It occurred to me as I started to feel warm enough to take off my hat and gloves that confidence is exactly like warming up on a cold winter's day.  I had bundled up with outer gear and plenty of warm winter garb to keep myself warm but it wasn't until I had generated the heat from the inside did I feel any significant increase in comfort.  

dance 2.jpg

Is it not the same when we try to look for approval and love from outside sources like loved ones, romantic partners, or professional relationships and situations but always feel like something is missing or we're chasing the next "high" of approval .. BUT when we can create a genuine self-love that starts from the inside and radiates out, then those external sources almost don't matter (I did eventually take my hat and gloves off and would've removed my jacket if I then wouldn't have had to carry it because I had created so much heat from the inside!).  

What would it look like for you if you could create your own heat?  Your own inner confidence that burned brighter and hotter than any winter parka could ever sustain?  

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