Confidence Is Imperfection

When I first started my self-development journey, I thought that everything had to be perfect. Or at least I wanted it to be that way.  I again fell into the mindset that if I wasn’t following everything the “gurus” were talking about that, that meant I wasn’t truly living the perfect entrepreneurial lifestyle.   


What I’ve learned over these past few years is nothing is ever perfect (or everything is depending upon how you look at it) but the only reason I used to feel that way was because I was so insecure in what I was doing and how I was approaching my biz.  Because I lacked the confidence to CREATE MY OWN way of doing things and show up for myself and my biz, I looked to others to tell me how I should be doing those things.  

Now I have the confidence to do both.  CREATE my own AND also look to others when I want guidance, inspiration, and support because CONFIDENCE gives you room to be perfectly imperfect.  

What does confident imperfection look like to you?