Confidence Creates Opportunities

I recently started taking my dog off-leash hiking.  We hadn’t gone before because I thought for sure the second she saw anything resembling a squirrel, she’d be gone.       

The first time we went, we tagged along with a friend so we could learn from a group who was well vetted.  My girl did great and we quickly started venturing out on solo missions.  

A few weeks later I had her out on a leash walk when I saw the entrance to a trail we had passed a dozen times before.  Previous to this walk though, I had felt way too nervous about heading off leash.   

This time was different though.  I trusted her to come back to me, but more importantly, I trusted myself to be able to lead her through the trails.  Needless to say, we had a great hike. We found so many beautiful new spaces to explore and had a great time finding new trails (that also happen to be really close to the house).  

Wanna know where I’m going with this?  CONFIDENCE CREATES OPPORTUNITIES.  Big or small.  Professional or non-professional.  I had walked by that trail entrance SO MANY TIMES but I wasn’t confident enough to go in.  Then I was and I had a freaking blast.  


Where could you use a little more confidence to create new opportunities in your life?