All in Stress

What an Instagram Filter Has To Do with Feelings

Do you know for years I was afraid to even admit that I liked learning about myself.  In fact, I used to sneak into Barnes & Nobles and hide the self-help books inside other books because I didn’t want anyone to see that I was reading about why I was the way I was (I talk about all of this in this week’s Facebook LIVE here).  

Luckily as I got older I learned not to give a sh*t ...  

One Thing That Will Make Everything Easier

I felt called to go LIVE on Sunday evening because I just couldn’t stop thinking about this thing.
This one thing that has made every last bit of difference in my world and I am being so serious when I say, has literally made EVERYTHING in my life easier.  

And who doesn’t want easier?  Nobody, that’s who.  So what is this thing?  Read on to find out ...  

Let's Talk About Stress Baby

Yesterday I went LIVE and talked about another way to deal with or handle stress (it’s always helpful to have a toolkit of ideas to be able to draw on).  

It’s a simple technique grounded in the belief that everything is happening FOR us, instead of TO us.  

Taking that statement as true, the question then becomes, can stress also be one of those things (that is happening FOR us) and can we then relabel it as our friend and ally, alerting us when something is off and needs attention and/or action? ...