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Are You Selfish?

... self-love is far beyond taking bubble baths and getting pedicures (though those can be helpful too!). ... Self-love looks like doing the things you want to do, when you want to do them, and how you want to do them without fear of what other people will think.   

2016 Was So Last Year. Lessons Learned from the Year of the Monkey

With that all being said I decided to write to the 2016 me with a list of 23 things I want to remember going into the new year. These are the things that I feel made a significant impact on getting me out of various ruts, helping me to move past specific hurdles, launching me into ventures and opportunities I never would have dreamed possible, and just overall helping me to be a happier, more adjusted, less angry human being.  They are as follows (in no particular order): 

The truth is, I had lived most of my life like that elderly neighbor everyone has, who hides behind her curtains and peers out at you but never actually engages in conversation.  I was taught early on that I couldn’t really trust people (or situations) and before I learned how to differentiate between anxious and non-anxious thoughts, I basically thought the world was out to get me.