A "Perfect" Sunrise

The other day I went for an early morning walk with the pup.  We started while it was still dark and towards the tail end, the sun was finally starting to peek its nose over the horizon. Turning the corner to head back home, we caught the full brilliance of its rays and I couldn't help but stop in my tracks to admire the stunning beauty.  

My first thought was simply : "It's perfect".  

fitness 7.jpg

And with that it occurred to me, if this sunrise is perfect, happening seemingly on its own without anyone asking anything of it or pushing it into existence, then isn't everything else perfect as well?  Aren't all the ups and downs and back and forths all perfect too?  They have to be because it's not like the sun ceases to exist during the night, it just goes away, only to re-emerge and shine it's beautiful brilliance once again.

And instead of saying that nothing or no one is ever perfect, what if instead we just understood that everything is, in its own perfect way?   

So I ask you to consider this when things feel less than optimal during any given situation.  

What if this situation was perfect exactly as it is, as it was, and as it could be?  How would you think or act differently if that was the case?