2016 Was So Last Year.  Lessons Learned from the Year of the Monkey

2016 Was So Last Year. Lessons Learned from the Year of the Monkey

2016 was a year of enormous change.  

I know I probably say that every year but this time as I look back on 2016, I know that I am at a place both personally and professionally that I have just never been before.  There is this feeling that anything is possible and I literally cannot wait to meet 2017.  

With that all being said I decided to write to the 2016 me with a list of 23 things I want to remember going into the new year. These are the things that I feel made a significant impact on getting me out of various ruts, helping me to move past specific hurdles, launching me into ventures and opportunities I never would have dreamed possible, and just overall helping me to be a happier, more adjusted, less angry human being.  They are as follows (in no particular order): 

1. There’s always more to learn.  And that’s ok.

2. It’s ok to say no.

3. Fill your cup before you attempt to fill someone else’s. 

4. It’s necessary to find out what makes your soul tick.  (Don’t worry though, your decision isn’t written in stone.)  

5. Stop doing things that make you go “ugh” as soon as possible. 

6. In fact, stop doing them right now.  

7. Embrace everything that makes you YOU. 

8. Challenge your negative thoughts. 

9. Challenge yourself when you think you “should” be doing something. 

10. Stop using the word should. 

11. You are not responsible for anyone’s happiness except your own.  Remember that. Tattoo it on your face if you have to. 

12. It’s ok to cry.  In fact, you usually feel much better after you do. 

13. It’s ok to be gentle with yourself.  You’ve been hard on yourself all your life.  

14. You don’t have to do everything (or anything for that matter) that everyone else is doing.  

15. In fact, you don’t have to do anything for any other reason than you just plain want to.  

16. You’re happiest when you’re doing things that you want to do in a way that appeals to you and on a timeline that jives with your soul.  Keep doing those things. 

17. There will never be a time when you have it all figured out.  Remember this so you can get back to living and learning.  

18. Rest is just as important as work.  You are not a robot. 

19. It’s ok to forgive people.  Hating them forever doesn’t make anything better. 

20. Quality over quantity (in almost everything).  It’s ok to say goodbye to people and things that no longer serve you.  

21. It's ok to make money doing something you absolutely love. 

22. It’s ok to ask for help.  Even Batman had Robin.  

23. You’re doing great.  Usually way better than you think. Keep it up.  

And so there you have it.  The 23 things that made last year an amazing one, and will help make 2017 even better.  If 2016 was fantastic, 2017 is going to be epic.  
Let me know in the comments below some of the lessons you'll be bringing with you into the next 365 days.  Can't wait to hear! 

Happy New Year.


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