I decided to put a confident spin on the 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS.  This year I invite you to join me for the 12 DAYS OF CONFIDENCE -- from December 25th through January 5th I spent one day talking about 12 signs of confidence.  How many resonate with you?   

THE 12 DAYS OF CONFIDENCE : 2017 are : 

1.  Saying no without having to explain yourself

2. Taking healthy risks which lead to amazing opportunities and genuine living
3. Doing things because you want to do them not because you think you should do them

4. Knowing that you never have to fit into a mold of what "they" think you should look, act, or feel like (and acting accordingly) 
5. Feeling genuinely proud of what you've been through and accomplished in your life (no matter where you're at right now) 

6. Creating confident self-care rituals (like resting when necessary but also putting healthy boundaries in place and saying no when you need to)

7. Having compassion towards yourself when things don't go as planned or you would have liked

8. Stating your opinion despite what others may think or say about it

9. Having the courage to be vulnerable (and show all sides of yourself) even when it feels hard 

10. Being honest with yourself about what you want or don't want and like & dislike (and acting accordingly)

11. Giving yourself permission to be "wrong" 

12. Making decisions based more on how you feel or want to feel and less on what others think

How many of the above 12 do you feel like you do on a regular basis?  Want an easy way to boost your confidence in 13 minutes or less?  

Listen or download my Confidence Creation Meditation HERE

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