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You want to get strong and fit (without any injuries)?  I can help you.

Hi!  I'm Emily.


I have been teaching and training for the better part of the last decade. After graduating magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in applied psychology I decided to turn my obsession with movement and health into a career and became a certified personal trainer and movement specialist. I now hold certifications as a FRCms (Functional Range Conditioning Movement Specialist), CPT (certified personal trainer), and RYT (registered yoga teacher).


Movement is as basic and necessary to well-being as brushing our teeth, eating food and water, and sleeping (at least a few hours every night).

Over time though, we have evolved from needing to use our whole bodies every day in order to complete our “to-do” lists, to only having to use the touch of our fingertips or the turn of our wrists to accomplish those same tasks.

Because we were designed to do much more than tap a screen or turn a dial, our bodies have begun to devolve or regress in terms of movement capacity and overall well-being (this gets expressed in the form of chronic pain, recurring feelings of tightness or stiffness, and difficulty doing basic movements such as getting up off the floor or walking/running for any significant period of time).

To counteract this sedentary lifestyle and fulfill a need most of us recognize as necessary to being human (feeling happy, healthy, and whole) we created a thing called “exercise” to help us combat the decline of the dynamic use of our bodies.

The problem with traditional exercise is it leaves much to be desired because it focuses on perfecting specific movements (eg: squat, push-up, row) instead of striving to perfect the human body’s capacity for ALL movement which results in pain, injury, stiffness / tightness, and a general sense that “exercise” is hard or torturous.

None of this should be the case.

You were made to move. And move well.

Give your body back the movement potential it had as a child and learn to love being in your body / doing the things you love to do. Get rid of your pain (for good) and exponentially decrease your potential for injury.

My goal with every single client that walks through the door is to help you build a body that is free of pain and does all the things you want it to do (and probably even some things you thought you’d never do again). Every - single - day (not just on the good days).